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PWN Global hosts a wide range of interesting and educational resources.

The PWN Global membership base is home to some incredible thought leaders who are experts in their fields - that includes YOU! Our philosophy of sharing and supporting one another to develop professionally means that we love it when our members share their knowledge via short learning videos, editorial pieces or even research results - it is also a really effective way to leverage visibility for you and your business.

If you have content to share, we'd love to hear from you!

  • PWN Global Women On Boards Circle Launch Event

    This webinar is a recording of our launch event for the PWN Global Women on Boards Circle Programme.

    At PWN Global we are committed to create significant, positive impact on gender-balanced leadership at Board-level and we're excited to present to you the Global Women on Boards Circle. The aim is to unite PWN members worldwide who are either established or aspiring Non-Executive Directors. The programme revolves around three key pillars: Prepare, Learn, and Connect, designed to support a successful board career.

    One of the distinguishing features of the Women On Boards Circle is the unparalleled support and resources it offers to its members. From mentorship opportunities with seasoned executives to access to exclusive networking events and educational workshops, participants can expect a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance their skills as professional board member. 

     This Programme targets executives who: 

    • are or want to become board directors,
    • are looking to increase their board skills,
    • want to be e part of a community of pairs. 

    Find the outline of PWN Global Women on Boards Circle Programme and how you can participate. 

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  • PWN Global Webinar: Explore Your Confidence

    How do we define confidence? What is it and how does it affect us all? The Oxford Dictionary defines Confidence as “A belief and an assurance in one's own abilities (self-confidence) or the abilities of another.” This seems a little underwhelming given it seems to have such a far-reaching and negative impact on some lives, and yet for others, they just seem to ooze confidence. The ability to ooze confidence also suggests that confidence itself is visible, or has a visible physical impact on that person. So is confidence just a thought a belief or a physical feeling?

    • When do we gain it or, indeed lose it? Is it taught, nurtured or just inherent?
    • How does a perceived lack of confidence impact your life?
    • Do you tell people you have NO confidence?
    • Is there something you want to do but a lack of confidence is holding you back?

    During this workshop, you will:

    • Understand what confidence is/can be
    • Understand why we have a lack of confidence
    • Identify confidence in yourself and others
    • Be able to find and create confidence
    • Be able to plan how to harness confidence and apply it to situations
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  • PWN Global Webinar: Leadership and Love hosted by Roffey Park

    In this super session, we cover the topic of Leadership & Love:

    • Why love matters in leadership and in organisations – and today more than ever
    • What might be different if more love was present?
    • What do we mean by love, as it relates to the workplace?
    • How come it’s such a tricky subject?
    • And, ways we might bring more love to work.

    This interactive session is based on Helena Clayton’s award-winning research with plenty of rich and stimulating content, as well as the chance to reflect on these topics for your own leadership and organisation. 

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  • PWN Global Webinar: Face Your Fears and Achieve Any Goal

    In this session, you will learn the secrets to goal achievement so that the accomplishment of your professional goal becomes INEVITABLE.

    • Do you have a specific goal, but don’t know how to achieve it?
    • Do you know some of the ‘how’ steps, but are letting your fears block your vision and progress?
    • Do you want to reach more clients and make a bigger impact?
    • Have you been trying to make changes to your income, or business and you feel stuck trading time for money?
    • Maybe you’ve read dozens of books in personal development and you wonder “when’s all of this going to come together for me?”
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  • PWN Global Webinar: Remaining A Visionary In Times of Challenges and Crises

    It's no secret that life brings its fair share of challenges and crises. While we may not able to prevent them, we have the opportunity to develop healthy responses to these challenges and crises and implement practical strategies that helps us keep focused on the vision for our lives.

    In her keynote speech, Remaining A Visionary During Times Of Challenges And Crises, Mona-Lee shares her personal and professional stories of how she uses the 4Cs Formula (clarity, consistency, confidence, and community) to achieve the desired future outcome that she wants.

    Through this transparent, yet light hearted talk, participants will feel confident and empowered that they too can use their knowledge, skills and resources to produce their desired future results in the face of challenges and crises.

    You can attend this session as a stand-alone session, or as a part of Mona's series of content relating to the importance of vision. Mona already hosted an event for us in 2023 that was a great introduction to the topic of Vision. If you are a PWN Member, check out the webinar back catalagoue and Mona's recording of the Create a Personal Vision Statement session - it's brilliant!  

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